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  1. Add any needed recipe categories to your e-CookBook: e.g. 'Soups', 'Desserts', 'Mains'.
  2. Add whatever ingredient categories you would like to have in your e-CookBook: 'fruits', 'vegetables', 'herbs', etc.
  3. Add ingredients you typically use when cooking to the appropriate ingredient categories.
  4. Add cooking gear that you may need to use when preparing a recipe.

Individual recipes:

  1. Add title of recipe.
  2. Add chosen category of recipe.
  3. Add needed things to making the recipe.
  4. Add selected ingredients needed for the recipe.
  5. Add method.
  6. Add an image of the dish if you like!
  7. Add cooking time.
  8. Add the number of servings the recipe yields.
  9. Your recipe is ready to save now!

With a full range of customizable options, e-CookBook allows you to tailor-cut the recipes to your needs.
Re-discover the delights of cooking with your very own e-CookBook.

Not a fan of the default color theme? No worries!
You can choose among classic blue, baby pink and pale green themes to fit your taste and mood.

Project made with the help of Udacity FEWD Challenge community